Biden Stocks Up On Anti-Radiation Drugs, What’s He Expecting?

Anti-Radiation Drugs

Biden is stocking up on anti-radiation drugs to the tune of $290M. What is he expecting as Vladimir Putin is threatening nuclear tactical strikes? The drug called Nplate is used to counteract the effects of poisoning by nuclear exposure poisoning. What does the Whitehouse know that we the people do not? Yesterday Ukraine President Zelensky begged NATO to Nuke Russia which would start WW3! New…

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Mark Levin & Hannity Discuss Hunter Biden’s Indictment Pending

Hunter Biden's indictment

Mark Levin and Hannity discuss Hunter Biden’s indictment pending on last night’s show. We gotta love Mark Levin’s getting right to the point attitude, and this is really good. We all have heard about Hunter’s laptop from hell and his escapades making lucrative big money deals with China, Russia, and Ukraine. But this indictment pending is about unpaid taxes and fraudulent gun permit application. It’s…

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Many Years Of Donald Trump-Inspired MAGA Movement Memories

MAGA Movement Memories

Here is a large collection of MAGA Movement Memories that has been migrated to this domain from DocsPlace started off as a front end for Doc’s Fidonet Computer Bulletin Board System in 1998 when it was upgraded to provide net access via www and telnet. That old BBS is still online after 31 years providing the Fidonet community with echomail and netmail , which…

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Ron DeSantis Completes Pine Isle FL Bridge Repairs In 3 Days

Pine Island FL Bridge

Ron DeSantis completes Pine Isle FL bridge repairs in 3 days. On Sunday, Governor DeSantis directed FDOT to work with Lee County to expedite work and complete repairs of the sunshine state’s Pine Isle bridge by Saturday, October 8. Work began on Monday and FDOT crews worked hard to finish the repairs in monumental timing in less than three days. That’s how we do it…

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Biden Depletes US Oil Reserves As OPEC Slashes Production

US Oil Reserves

Biden Depletes US Oil Reserves As OPEC Slashes Production. In a move that looks like it’s sticking it to the Democrats with the midterm elections nearing, the Biden White House on Wednesday lambasted OPEC and its allies for what it called a “shortsighted decision” to cut oil production by two million barrels per day. The move could lead to even higher gas prices in the…

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Tony Bobulinski Int By Tucker Carlson FBI Hid Laptop Information

Tony Bobulinski

Tony Bobulinski interview with Tucker Carlson reveals irrefutable evidence that the FBI hid Hunter’s laptop from hell offshore business details with the big guy. He expressed outrage at the FBI’s handling of damning information he provided them about the first son’s business dealings involving his uncle, James Biden, Chinese and other foreign interests, and reportedly the current president of the United States himself. The FBI…

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Trump Save America Rally Warren Mich 10/01/22 Instant Replay

Save America Rally Warren Michigan

Donald Trump held another of his signature Save America Rally in Warren, Mich., located just north of Detroit, to campaign for the state’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon as she tries to oust incumbent Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whom she trails in the polls. While in office, Whitmer was a frequent thorn in Trump’s side. Their widely reported feud escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic when the…

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FBI Guns Drawn Raided Christian Family Home Terrifying Children

FBI Guns Drawn

Over the weekend overzealous FBI agents with guns drawn raided this Christian family home terrorizing the family’s young children. The raid of non-violent Christian Mark Houck’s house was the latest in not-so-cool moves by Joe Biden’s weaponized FBI. Many whistleblowers have come forward since the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Florida home. The Democrats have weaponized the once premier federal law enforcement agency. Dan Bongino…

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Trump Save America MAGA INC Rally 09/23/22 Wilmington NC

Save America MAGA INC Rally

Here is the full instant replay of Donald Trump’s Save America MAGA INC Rally from Wilmington NC for your enjoyment. Our fearless leader urged the Charlotte NC Rally Attendees to get out and vote RED in this year’s midterm elections. It’s critically important to vote and take a few of your friends with you. We have to have a massive landslide where no matter how…

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Republicans Announce Their Commitment To The American Voter

Commitment To The American Voter

Republicans Announce their commitment to the American Voter. The most significant majority of Americans believe their country is heading down the wrong path under Democratic leadership and it’s past due time for a changing of the guard. That’s it in a nutshell. We must retake the House and the Senate to reverse the damage already done to our homeland. VOTE With Your Country’s ❤ In…

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Mike Lindell Is Suing The U.S. Federal Government And The FBI

Mike Lindell Is Suing

Mike Lindell is suing the Federal Government and the FBI because his phone was seized as part of a grand jury investigation into Colorado election meddling. Lindell told conservative podcaster, Steve Bannon, online in the war room live stream that he was employing the best lawyers in the country, including Alan Dershowitz. What can we do with the seizure of my phone and this FBI…

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America Is Under Siege: FBI/DOJ Seizes Mike Lindell’s Cell Phone

America Is Under Siege

America is under siege as the “My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell” was surrounded by the FBI at a Hardee’s drive-through last night who seized his business cell phone. Lindell claims he does not use a personal computer and his business is all on his smartphone. We know Mike is a true patriot and has claimed to have evidence of widespread 2020 election fraud, and being…

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